Monday, November 21, 2016

The election is over

The election is over.

Earlier this month I Petitioned The Florida Supreme Court For Writ Of Mandamus And Constitutional Challenge in the 2016 Presidential Election, where I was also a write-in candidate.


My petition challenged the constitutionality of lawyers (judicial branch) running for president. (executive branch). Under our U.S. Constitution, the three branches are supposed to be separate: Legislative branch, executive branch, and judicial branch. The Florida Constitution also has separation of powers. All state constitutions do, as far as I know. 

I also challenged the constitutionality of political parties, which are not in the constitution. George Washington was not in a political party, and he advised against them.

Evidence in the JamPAC lawsuit suggests the Democratic Party primary was rigged against Bernie Sanders.

Finally, I challenged ballot access laws that make it almost impossible to run as a write-in candidate. Beyond that, it is virtually impossible to become president unless you are the candidate for the Democratic Party, or the Republican Party.  

The Florida Supreme Court put all the documents online, except one, the Order of Dismissal.

The Florida Supreme Court Ordered the Petition and Challenge transferred to the Leon County Circuit Court, where it was dismissed. Neither Order makes sense to me. And I do not understand why my desktop link to the case showed Court Order(s) missing from the docket. Even now the Order of Dismissal is not on the Supreme Court docket.

I was not happy with the 2016 election, or the candidates. We can do better. That is one reason I decided to run. I plan to make additional posts on the Petition and Constitutional Challenge. Thank you.

Neil J. Gillespie

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