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Eternal Treblinka in Chile 2009
Eternal Treblinka in Chile
by animales chilenos

Adriana De la Garza blog
Veterinaria en Feria de Melipilla

From YouTube: A short and minimal film about my experience with animals condemned to death in Chile. The most perfect creatures sent to their deaths after a short painful life in captivity. The reason I think for our violent political past and the reason we cannot ever be happy as a nation. The perpetual abuse and cruelty towards our animal brothers and sisters. The short piece carries the name of the book by Charles Patterson, "Eternal Treblinka" a book that has changed my life. Shot with a pocket Flip camera , edited on a Mac. Dedicated to my friend Adriana De La Garza who has taught me the little I know about animal rights.

Dedicated also to the young vet student that appears at the end of my short film who’s holding the calf’s head before she’s put in a bag, sealed with a piece of wire- kicked into the back of a pickup truck and sent to die in a Chinese restaurant in Santiago.

I hope one day no veterinarians will participate in any way in the horrific meat industry that they will be taught in school that doctors cannot become accomplices of this ugly trade.

Thank you MOBY for allowing the use of this unpublished track in my short film. I have always admired your brilliant work and your compassion for all earthlings.
Also See Down on the Factory Farm, a Justice Network Editorial by Neil Gillespie, April 25, 2012, The Normalization Of Violence Toward Farm Animals Is Unacceptable In A Civilized Society, cross-posted on Sardonicky.

Neil Gillespie
During a hunger strike in January 2012 I began understanding the connection between the normalization of violence toward farm animals in videos like Earthlings and Mercy for Animals, and undesirable aspects of our society, like torture, perpetual war, a broken court system, and the highest incarceration rate of its citizens in the world. Is it any coincidence that corporations are also involved with perpetual war, incarceration, and industrial factory farms?

Animals on corporate or factory farms are supposedly protected by the Humane Slaughter Act of 1958. People are supposedly protected by the Constitution and laws of the United States, including consumer protection, anti-trust, and racketeering laws. But somehow those laws don’t offer much protection. Our Government, along with big corporations, banks, mortgage companies, and health insurers, too often treat us like a farm animal for their voracious consumption.

Factory farm videos also remind me of the mortality we all face. While people have superior  intellect, for some reason many folks just march quietly along, resigned to their metaphoric consumption by The Powers That Be. The trial transcript of State of New Jersey v. ISE America, has this exchange, reported by Susan von Struensee:

Just how bereft of human feeling that entire industry has become was clear at a municipal court case heard in Warren County, New Jersey, in the fall of 2000 shared by leading Animal Law scholar Paul Wadau:

A poultry company…was convicted of cruelly discarding live chickens in trash cans. The conviction was appealed and overturned, partly on the grounds that [the company] had only six employees overseeing 1.2 million laying hens, and with workers each left to tend two hundred thousand creatures it remained unproven they were aware of those particular birds dying in a trash can. The company’s initial defense, offered to [the] Judge … by an attorney … asserted outright that this is exactly what the birds were anyway-trash:

[Attorney]: " We contend, Your Honor, that clearly my client meets the
requirements [of the law]. Clearly it’s a commercial farm. And clearly the
handling of chickens, and how chickens are discarded, falls into agricultural
management practices of my client. And we’ve … litigated this issue before
in this county with respect to my client and how it handles its manure….

[The Court]: Isn’t there a big distinction between manure and live animals?

[Attorney]: No, Your Honor. Because the Right to Farm Act protects us in
the operation of our farm and all of the agricultural management practices
employed by our firm."

Sadly, under the so-called rule of law the lawyer may be correct, which is the banality of evil underlying the struggles of ordinary people vs. the Government, and Government-supported big banks, corporations and special interests. Also see Animal Rights on the Justice Network website

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