Saturday, August 10, 2013

Zimbabwe Chief Justice Deplores Corruption & Election Violence

Shun Corruption and Violence...Chidyausiku
Zimbabwe Chief Justice Deplores Corruption & Election Violence
By Chris Tongogara
January 15, 2013

The Chief Justice of Zimbabwe, Godfrey Chidyausiku, has taken a swipe at high level corruption within the government structures that include the police, prisons and justice system. He appealed for a commonly-engaging platform with realistic solutions to end the problem corruption bug.

Addressing the legal services folks who included lawyers, bench members and courts personnel at the official launch of the 2013 legal year at the Harare High Court on Monday, Chidyausiku reiterated the need for concerted efforts among stakeholders and citizens at large in taming the wild horse of corruption that stood to weaken the foundations of efficiency and trust in public service.

He also noted that it would be ideal to explore practical solutions rather than play the blame game in labeling others as more corrupt in government. As an example he stated that neither lawyers nor prison guards or police should be quick to blame judges or vice versa because no one was perfect in ethics.

Chidyausiku mainly bewailed the debilitating effect of corruption on the justice delivery system where justice could be abandoned as dollars changed hands. Resultantly, courts were not giving out a 100% output.

"One corrupt official in the justice delivery chain taints the entire system," said Chidyausiku.

While the problem was rampant, some measures were being implemented to bring culprits to book. Also an electronic case-tracking system in the Civil Registry department could prevent backdating of pleadings, case records being "lost", or taken before judges deemed more lenient or given first priority in place of the deserving ones. Read more

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