Friday, September 21, 2012

Two Year Anniversary: to

Two years ago I launched The Justice Network with the domain name This name was chosen in the spirit of YouTube, the video-sharing website that empowered ordinary people to produce and share video.

The Justice Network is engaged in advocacy, education, news gathering & dissemination, and helping people fight injustice. This site is also part of my therapy as a survivor of legal injustice.

Documents in my case are posted on Scribd

Over two hundred thousand people visited, and I have met people from all over the country. Some of their stories are profiled on The Justice Network website. Many have reached the conclusion that America’s justice system is broken.

The official Internet address of The Justice Network is now This reflects the sad truth that for most Americans the justice system is broken, just a parody of justice. My advice is to avoid American courts. Your life, health and wealth is at risk. But don’t just take my word, listen to the experts profiled on The Justice Network at 

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